Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another year; another year older. Hoo-ah.

Official end of holidazzle season. Caught the trifecta this year of Thanksgiving, Xmas, and NYEve. Working with a great bunch of folks made the holidays go fine. People weren't all that stupid, violent, or depressed over the fortnight (at least not around us) so the call load wasn't terrible. We had snow. That snowy snow, and it was massive, and we shoveled it, and it fell anew, and we shoveled that, too. And so it went.

I'm candy-assing winter riding, largely due to my well proven difficulties maintaining an upper hand over gravity. Got out skiing once, snow-shoe trotting a couple times. Really makes me miss Shrike, to not have a thick-coasted cur to tromp le monde with. Moby's doing great, but his puppy paws and negligible coat mean he's not a winter-sport dog. Temps have been consistently inconsistent. With exception of one ludicrous upswing into upper 30s that melted and then promptly refroze all the good snow--leaving horrible sharp, solid ice mounds in its place--it's been either cold or colder. It's the wind, money. The wind.

True Grit: very, very good.
The Fighter: great performances.
Black Swan: hmmmmmmmm.

Birthday itself was best event-day I've had in a while. Girls and I met Danny C & S1 to train at Gvt Ctr stairs for IDS stair climb. Girls were troopers. Flann wants to do it w/ me next month, which will be a cool challenge. She got herself up the stairs several times. Voluntary challenges... psychological triumphs layered over the physical.

Dinner with team, then Annie & I hit a movie. Good stuff. Good day. Good start to the year. Plague of locusts: hold your fire until April, at least.