Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wheels of time

Almanzo Redux: 100 miles of hills, descents, gravel, dirt, gravel, raging water crossing, cows... It's hard to be driven/competitive and be mediocre. I'm old enough to make peace w/ it, but it's really amazing to be putting forth as much effort as my legs allow and watch everyone just breeze away. I did fine, overall, but it's frustrating to spend eight-plus hours as the weak link. The group was awesome and supportive and good-spirited, which made a great difference. I hadn't promised anything other that what I delivered, but it chaps the ass.

The more I ride, the more amazed/wowed I am at the range of people with major legs/lungs. Below top-level racers, who generally look the same, a wide swath of folks can ride the fuck out of a bike. Annie wonders why I try to ride so much, and I explain that it takes hours and miles, deliberate riding, to develop a base, let alone skills, reserves, or power & stamina.

That said, it's a hell of a great way to get around and pass the time.

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