Monday, February 28, 2011

Taxonomy of greed, sloth, avarice--the whole siete pecadilloes

It was striking the other morning, when several of my rightist co-workers came on shift ranting about how 'illegal' it was that the Wisco union members were objecting to losing their bargaining rights, and that the Dems were absenting themselves to (try to) make the Govrnr stop acting like an ass. Usually, union members won't give up anything, no concessions, no trades--always because 'they' don't play fair and 'once we compromise once, we'll NEVER get it back.' So it was bracing to hear these same folks so enthralled by Tea bagger rhetoric that they were willing to hand over their pensions, bargaining rights, pay scales--so a bunch of rich fucks can make even more money.

It's so brilliantly simple: rich men using 'common folk' appeal to bilk the struggling middle class of their paltry savings, by a. giving appearance they're actually all on same level; b. using patently untrue but widespread babble to distract or subvert meaningful discussion; c. relying on ballooning idiotic partisan rancor (which they created, spread, fan, perpetuate). And, the end result is more poverty, more fucked & gutted programs, and more money & power in the hands and pockets of the big bosses. When the folks wake up, they'll either gouge out their eyes, or, more likely, turn their shame and betrayal against the canadians and mexicans.

Fucking embarrassing.

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