Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can't tell what's more worrisome: the pundidiots calling Michele Bachmann Palin-lite or saying she's a more-complete Palin... And, somehow, she's evidenced ANY legitimate qualities of leadership.

Years ago, dear aunt Linds was visiting DC and Liza was telling a story about some schoolmates of hers, granddaughters of Marriott clan; they're Mormons and their inheritance was dependent on the girls being virgins at marriage. Linds snorted and wondered how the old man was going to satisfy his blood demand--sitting bedside for the conjugal consummation? Girls played nice and clocked their ducats.
Same as it ever was.

None of these shitbirds is actually spiritually motivated. Power is its own false god, far more palpable than the unknowable old media one. Code words to 'the faithful' keeps the wool over their eyes and the keys to kingdom in the braying Gantry's sweaty palms. We deserve what we bring on ourselves, I suppose. But it's some stinky shit.

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