Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hubris vs Destiny; genetics, fate, eventualities

There's nothing like reading informational guidebooks, taking their imaginary quizzes, scoring in the 'doing everything correct' category, then realize the reason you're taking the test & reading the damn book is because things are deeply NOT-correct.

Nature vs. nurture is interesting, as in fate/predetermination vs. 'random' chance/choice. Do they explain how we get where we do, or why? I am unsure. We've spent past several years having what appeared to be open, thorough discussions w/ kids about healthy living habits, nutrition, ways to combat the forces of 'media pressure' in terms of appearance, exercise for health rather than 'diet', etc etc.

That's all well and good, until the kid falls into the vortex of disordered thinking & self-image, and then you're fucked. Seeing the gremlin lurking beneath the surface, hostile invader of your dear kid--it's horrific. If it were 'only' possession, we could have at it w/ the village excorcist, but this is deeper than spirituality (if you will). Worse, in its way, than drug addiction. The cracked inner mirror might never repair itself. A life squandered self-hating, self-fearing, mistrusting and malingering-----a pointless, tragic waste.

This isn't cancer. Not childhood lukemia or polio. This is a culturally adapted, self-created, very deadly, distorted inner vision. Something that's subsumed someone who knows better, knows enough to know it's wasteful, pointless, indulgent--yet cannot do anything about it.

Precociousness is over-rated.

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