Friday, September 14, 2012

Growth Opportunities and Lessons from the Universe.

Fuck that.

My computer died.
My computer died before I correctly backed up all my data.
My computer died & I was slow to save my photos, my music, all my documents.
My computer died.

This is not a neat little miracle from the cosmos to free me from the burden of things, or of possessions, or a growth opportunity--to renew, re-envision, etc. It is what it is. My expensive toy hardware died & I failed to do what was necessary to prevent the loss of many things.

I am not uninterested in pondering the options here, though. What do I actually need? What is my attachment to files I may never open again? It doesn't alter the base stupidity of not covering myself.

The date recovery place in Eden Prairie resembles a Pentagon-type security fortress. They must be digging into things far more important than my bundles of family pictures.

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