Wednesday, November 4, 2009

beats playing golf

My long-suffering, wiser-but-shorter half has long suggested I get my own cable access show. Mostly, she suggests this so I'll stop pestering her with early morning, late night, mid-sneeze ramblings. I used to be a school teacher, then I became a firefighter for Minneapolis. The fire department is sort of like spending 24 hours at a time in a faculty lounge populated solely with gym coaches.

I've spent the past five years studying and practicing performance dog training. Recently, I have become interested in the local cycling world. All subcultures have similar hallmarks, just different argots. Cyclists seem far less paranoid and reactionary than the doggers. Not that they're not insane, just more civil and literate, and lower BMI.

I take a lot of photos, mostly tormenting my daughters, but of action as I see it. Below is a link to my facebook album of cyclocross MN/WI this fall.

Enjoy the distraction from whatever's not getting done while one is reading this.

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