Thursday, November 19, 2009

The humor of the silly, plus some leaping lizards

Granted, I provide ample fodder for mockery in myriad ways, but when I saw this yesterday, I just had to put down one hand-held device, pause my in-drive dashboard movie, slide the fondue set to the passenger seat, and grab my other hand-held phone (which I'd been playing Scrabble on, as traffic was pretty light) to capture this:

So, I took a camera-phone photo, the resumed my Scrabble, fondue, in-flight movie, and typing furiously on the vintage Underwood I have just for commuting. Until the next light, where I just had to pull aside them to see (to confirm my suspicions): two twenty-year-old white college kids with IRIE I as their license plate. I suppose 'Jah Rastafaria' was too long for the Critical Habitat plates. And 'Honky Lips' has been taken for years.

Meanwhile, in the build-up to my long-awaited critical analysis of the influences of Belgium on various US sports subcultures, I captured this clip of Shrike doing a wall climb during training. In Mondio Ringsport, as in Belgian and French ringsports, there are three agility components, in addition to the obedience, retrieve, scent-discrimination, and biting exercises. The hurdle is about four feet high. The long jump twelve to fourteen feet long. And this, the palisade, gets over seven feet tall. We don't get to practice it very often, but he's getting the motion down nicely.

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