Friday, November 6, 2009

freedom for hyperbole; freedom from reality

From a global view, it might be argued that America, united States of, is akin to an adolescent boy: hormonal, self-satisfied, short on perspective and/or compassion for others, immune to the analogous lessons of those who've come before. We are coasting on the glory of WWI & II, conveniently ignoring some less-glorious achievements during same time.

If a nation is spared from learning to listen and debate, to think and respond--if, in short, it's shielded from the realities of the greater world--that nation is primed for a self-sabotage. That our political 'leaders' are so a-historical that they can toss incendiary inaccuracies in public (sound bites trump wisdom or truth), then claim they're merely representing their core constituents, while insulting the common sense & legitimate achievements of others, we're being lead by morons or devious demagogues. Sadly, there isn't a grand plan: Michelle Bachman wants to be where Sarah Palin sits. Sarah Palin wants to keep having her phone calls answered. If the election were this year or next, the pride of Eagan would likely out-Palin Sarah herself. There is no vision, just more soundbites. We cannot live by saccharine trust alone.

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